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Before the pandemic I ate lunch at my desk a lot.

While I’ve been working from home, I can at least make it into the kitchen and am looking forward to more working lunch meetings outside the office during the summer and into the fall. I’ve come to appreciate the time away from the desk.

I am a creature of habit, for sure.

Most days, the schedule is pretty consistent. I’m up at 5:00 am and spend the first few hours of my day corresponding with Asia and Europe. I work throughout the day and break around 5:30 pm for a run, bike ride or swim. After a light dinner, I’ll catch up on some emails and strategize for the day ahead … usually while watching TV.

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I need a game plan to stay focused.

For me, having parts of my day dedicated to specific tasks has really helped, especially during the COVID times. Early AM is for Asia and Europe, late morning to early afternoon is for general overnight correspondence and planned follow up. Then late afternoon to early evening is for product, partnerships and collaborations. I use the evening to plan for the day ahead.

I’m a big believer in “inbox zero.”

I try to respond as quickly as possible to incoming emails whenever possible. I find that most of my correspondence has a pattern of back and forth and if that pattern/momentum is broken, it can often take time to get back on track. I’m definitely a “strike while the iron is hot” type of person.

Two secrets to my success aren’t really secrets at all.

It is going to sound cliché but loving what you do has really been a blessing for most of my professional life. It makes the long hours, the setbacks and the ultimate success all the sweeter. On a personal level, there is nothing like having young, talented, passionate professionals around you to help you grow and adapt.

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