Marilyn Manson Faces 3rd Lawsuit, Jane Doe Accuses Him Of Rape: Report

She also reportedly claims he showed her a video where he allegedly sexually assaulted a groupie & forced the fan to drink urine.

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours, and it must be monsoon season for Marilyn Manson. Unchecked allegations of sexual and physical abuse brought against shock-rocker Marilyn Manson spans back to the late 1990s, but only within the last few years have several women not only stepped forward to share their stories but to take Manson to court. In recent months, we’ve shared a series of reports and updates regarding legal woes for the singer as people including ex-girlfriends and assistants have vocalized allegations of rape, domestic violence, and sexual battery.

Manson has repeatedly denied each new accusation through statements issued by his attorneys, and on the heels of two lawsuits filed byGame of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco and the singer’s former assistant Ashley Walters, there’s another legal battle on the horizon.

Marilyn Manson, Sexual Assault, Rape, Lawsuit
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A new lawsuit was filed by “Jane Doe” who claims that she dated the rocker back in 2011 and during their courtship, he allegedly showed her a video that “depicted abuse of a groupie after a 1996” concert in Hollywood, reports Deadline. This fan was reportedly “forced to drink urine” and was allegedly threatened with a firearm that she may have also been hit with at some point, but that wasn’t confirmed by the publication.

TMZ reported that a source claimed the video wasn’t real but was supposed to be a short film, however, it was never promoted or publicized. Jane Doe included in her lawsuit that the film was kept locked away in a safe. It was something that reportedly made the unidentified woman “afraid for her life,” and she asserted that when she returned to Manson’s residence to give him back a key, Jane Doe alleges that the singer raped her and threatened her life.

Read through the statement that Manson has left on his Instagram page regarding allegations of assault. He hasn’t updated his page since uploading the post on February 1.


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