My Morning Routine: Arian Moayed, Actor and Director

Then, there’s a little me time.

I brush my teeth, jump in the shower and get ready for the day. I usually do all of that while listening to The Daily podcast.

I do both coffee and tea.

For coffee, I like a darker, smokier bean. For tea, I only have one brand, which is Persian Zarrin loose tea leaves.

I’m a big fan of simple and fresh breakfasts.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, hard boiled egg, toast, butter, one lemon wedge and some jam. I think a fresh tomato and fresh vegetable alongside a tea and some bread is all that is needed, personally. I don’t do heavy breakfasts unless I’m eating out with friends.

Fitness, unfortunately, isn’t a big part of my morning.

While we were in Lake Placid during Season 2 of Succession, Matthew MacFadyen (aka Tom Wambsgans) asked me, “Do you exercise?” Without hesitation I made a disgusting face and responded, “Noooooo. Ew.” We both laughed. “So what do you do?” Matthew asked. “Eat healthy,” I said, or something boring like that … I should have said, “Pray I don’t get too fat.”

I need a game plan for the day.

Google. Fucking. Calendar. I live by that thing. Also, I have an amazing assistant that sends me a text of my daily meetings, calls, writing, memorizing and fundraising that needs to happen.

My mornings are a little different on shoot days.

When we’re filming, I try to be as relaxed as possible. As an actor, there are a lot of moving parts, lots of people to communicate with, and often tricky lines of text. I like to keep all of that as relaxed and easy going as possible and that starts in the morning. Both Stewy, and the character I play in Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna, are incredibly groomed men. They spend a ton of time on their appearances, kinda like myself. I take long showers, I run lines in my head, I think about all of the scenarios that might play themselves out. All while listening to music.

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