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Nothing sucks the cool right out of you like spilling. Whether it was your fault or not, you can easily restore your reputation by saving your shirt with these quick and easty steps.

The Rules


Move fast.

The odds of getting that stain out lessen with each minute.


Blot. Don’t rub.

Rubbing, wringing or squeezing can often damage a fabric’s fibers and spread the stain even more.


Go pro.

You might do more harm than good with some stains. If it’s not coming out, take it to the cleaners.

The Stains


Blot with club soda. The salt helps prevent permanent staining while the bubbles in the soda help lift the stain.


Remove as much as possible with a credit card or dull knife. Dab with baby wipes, then rinse with hot water to dissolve the oils.

Coffee, Tea, Soda

Rinse with white vinegar or a store-bought stain-remover. Then blot to remove the stain.


Spray (heavily) with hairspray or douse with rubbing alcohol and blot. Sponge on detergent before dropping into the washer.

Grease, Butter, Oil

Blot excess oil with a cloth or napkin. Work baking soda or constarch into the stain to draw it out. Wash with a healthy dose of detergent.


Hold the fabric under cool, running water while rubbing it against itself. Avoid hot water, as it will only set the stain permanently.

Tomato Sauce, Ketchup

Scrape off excess then apply a mixture of cool water and liquid dish soap (or bathroom soap, if you’re at a restaurant). This should be good for splatters. For heavier stains, move onto blotting with white vinegar.

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