The Face Oil the New Princess of Wales Has Relied on for Years

    For years Kate Middleton’s every move has been chronicled in countless stories, from what she wears to what she eats for breakfast, everyone wants to know all the details of the newly named Princess of Wales’ routine. One product that has been a staple in her beauty regime is Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir ($65), her all-natural secret to glowing skin.

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    If there is such a thing as a facial oil addict, I would consider myself worthy the title. Once I made the switch from moisturizing cream to facial oil, I couldn’t go back. But facial oils can be tricky because they don’t all do the same thing. Some are better for hydrating while others are better for brightening or reducing redness. What I like about Beauty Sleep Elixir is that it really does all of these things and gives you luminous skin seemingly over night without having to really think about it.

    The idea is that using the elixir overnight allows its natural blend of 14 different plant based oils—including a Caribbean coral extract that has anti-inflammatory properties and sandalwood nut kernel oil that is said to help prevent collagen and elastin break down—to work while you sleep when your skin is in its faster renewal mode (research shows skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night). And while I do slather the fast absorbing, non-greasy formula on my skin in the twilight hours, I also use it in the morning under my makeup, too. No matter when I use it, it helps to fight blemishes and leaves me with noticeably smoother, brighter skin.

    The brand has followed up its success of the sleep elixir with its new Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser, which was recently introduced to expectant mom Kate by Beuti Skincare founder Leila Aalam. “I recently hand-delivered a box of products to Kensington Palace myself, so I know she received them,” Aalam told People. “The pomegranate enzymes act like a gentle glycolic acid to exfoliate and renew, which is perfect for Kate’s skin right now.”