The Skin Care Drew Barrymore Shares with 9-Year-Old Daughter Olive

    The lovely Drew Barrymore followed in her family’s footsteps into the acting world at a very young age, but the star says her little ones are already displaying signs pointing to different career paths based on their preferences. When it comes to 9-year-old Olive Kopelman, Barrymore tells PEOPLE that her eldest is a “little Edie Beale,” who likes to create her own clothing. The budding designer not only “constructs amazing things” out of fabrics to make dresses the model forms she has around the house, she also is just as in love with skin care as her mom.

    At the Harper’s Bazaar Icon party this weekend, Barrymore shared that her little one is “obsessed” with the K-beauty brand Glow Recipe and she also encourages her to explore gentle, skin-loving formulas. “And I’m like, ‘Wait, no, this is too active. You’re too young,’” the 47-year-old star told PEOPLE. “So she just wants to wear it and play it with it and loves the packaging, and I’m like ‘We have to take this slowly, let’s do some Neutrogena some Cetaphil.’ She already wants the fun of it.”

    As for Olive’s younger sister Franke, Barrymore shares that the 8 year old has an affinity for makeup and a high-level organization skill that rivals Marie Kondo: “She has something in her that’s so admirable. She has incredible systems. Everything’s in its place. I marvel at her,” said the proud mom.